food & Beverage Vending RFP // frequently asked questions

1.    Q: I applied to vend on multiple days. If selected, will I be approved for each day I applied for?

       A: No. The CRA will set a vending schedule based on food types, pricing and days / hours offered by each vendor.

2.    Q: Should I apply for my City of Cambridge vending licenses and permits prior to be selected?

       A: Before beginning operation on 3rd & Binney, a vendor will need all Massachusetts and City of Cambridge licenses and permits, it is strictly the                  decision of the vendor to apply for their licenses and permits prior to being selected by the CRA. The CRA will not be responsible to refund license              and permits fees if a vendor is not selected.

3.    Q: What is the daily fee per vendor?

       A: Approved vendors in the CRA 3rd & Binney Food Truck Program are responsible for a $50 per day non-refundable fee payment, for the approved              vending days.

4.    Q: Does the CRA advertise the Food Trucks?

       A: Yes. The CRA utilizes all forms of social media for advertising the program.

5.    Q: Can vendors change scheduled days with other vendors in the program?

       A:  The goal of the program is to bring a consistent public amenity to the visitors and residents of Kendall Square.  Although the CRA discourages                   modifications to the set schedule of the selected vendors, the CRA will consider a change to the schedule. All written request will need to be                     delivered to the CRA, seven (7) days prior to the change. If a schedule change is approved by the CRA, it will be the responsibility of the vendor                 to contact the License Commission and request a change to their vending license.           

6.    Q: Will vendors of the 2016 program who apply this season automatically be selected?

       A: No. All applicants will be judged equally for this vending season.

7.    Q: Is music playing capabilities a requirement for the trucks?

       A: No. Music at a reasonable volume will be allowed to be played, but is not a selection criteria.

8.    Q: Can a vendor decide to leave the program at any time?

       A: Yes, A vendor can decide to not participate in the program at anytime, but all fee's paid to the CRA will be forfeited. The success of the vendors               and of the program will be determined by a consistent rotation of one another's diverse food offerings.  If a vendor chooses to withdraw from the             program, that decision will not only subject the program to negative reviews but also will do harm to other vendors that are paired together to                 complement each others vending offerings.


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