3rd & Binney Summer 2016

3rd & Binney Summer 2016


The Cambridge Redevelopment Authority (CRA) is seeking to complement the 3rd & Binney Street Civic Space with temporary vending uses that will hopefully hint at future retail offerings at the same corner.  The CRA seeks mobile food/beverage vendors that provide unique, high-quality, and tasty offerings with clean, sustainable, and safe operations.

The CRA owns a small remnant piece of land from the original redevelopment effort of the Kendall Square Urban Renewal Project (KSURP) at the corner of 3rd & Binney Street.  In 2016, the CRA undertook a series of capital improvements to the site. Seating areas, ornamental grasses, and plantings were added.  A special paved parking area for two food trucks or other mobile food/beverage vendors was created.  Since the civic space opened in June 2016, there have been various events held at 3rd & Binney - all free to the public.  Recently a Hubway station has been added to the site, making it a popular location for users of the bike-sharing program.  Having 3rd & Binney located in the epicenter of the Kendall Square business district and in short walking distance to the Kendall MIT Red Line MBTA stop, the CRA anticipates the site to continue to be a popular destination for residents, visitors, and workers.

The site at 3rd & Binney is anticipated to become available on Monday, April 3, 2017.  Selected vendors will be asked to vend on one or more days per week throughout the 21017 season. 


Please see our FAQ page. All interested parties with questions not answered there are encouraged to contact the CRA. 

Contact:           Carlos Peralta, Project Manager


Telephone:        617-492-6800 x14