325 MAin Street / IDCP Phase II

Phase II - IDCP Proposed Concept Massing. Phase II is colored magenta

Phase II - IDCP Proposed Concept Massing. Phase II is colored magenta

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What's New

325 Main Street Design Documents:

The CRA has received Construction Drawings for the 325 Main Street Building Tower, and expects new designs for the public realm areas, including Green Garage Roof Garden in September. See below for documents.

On March 20th, 2019, the CRA Board approved the building designs of 325 Main Street. Design documents can be found below.

Phase I Infill Development Concept Plan (2017)

In January 2017, the CRA and City of Cambridge approved the Infill Development Concept Plan (IDCP) for the development of the MXD and Kendall Square Urban Renewal Districts. The IDCP is a concept plan required by the CRA's Kendall Square Urban Renewal Plan (KSURP) and in the MXD zoning ordinance as of 2015, and details the urban design, circulation and open space of new development.

Conceptual rendering of 325 Main Street

Conceptual rendering of 325 Main Street

PHASE II Infill Development Concept Plan (2019)

In 2018, Boston Properties proposed an amendment to Phase II of the IDCP, which was approved after many public meetings and a final hearing on 12/4/2018.

New 325 Main Street Building @ Kendall T Station

The approved amendment shifts of approximately 256,000 square feet of commercial building area from the previously approved 250 Binney Street project to 325 Main Street to create a new building totaling about 387,000 square feet of commercial space. 325 Main Street currently houses the MIT Coop on the ground floor and office space above, and abuts the Kendall Roof Garden, Kendall Plaza and the Kendall Red Line T-Station. The existing 325 Main Street will be demolished and completely reconstructed starting in 2019.

New Residential Building @ 135 Broadway

Residential Building at 135 Broadway (outlined in black)

Residential Building at 135 Broadway (outlined in black)

As part of the Phase II Amendment Proposal, the South Residential Building previously approved in the IDCP will not change. The residential building will still be built on the South side of the existing Blue Garage and will provide approximately 350 new market rate and affordable housing units.

Public Benefits & Improvements

Public benefits/improvements previously approved for Phase II include the redesign of the East/West pedestrian connectors from Loughrey Walkway to the East Service Drive and Broadway Park (South Park). In the Phase II Amendment, Boston Properties is proposing to make improvments to Kendall Plaza and to create a direct connection from Kendall Plaza to the Roof Garden. This will enable the Roof Garden to be more visible to Kendall employees, residents and visitors, and allow for easier access between two of Kendall Square's privately owned but publicly beneficial and convented open spaces.