Request for Proposals (RFP) - for Archival and Record Management Services

Proposals will be received at the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority (CRA) until 4:00pm EST, Friday 3/30/2018. Proposals will be date and time stamped as they are received by office staff, for furnishing the following to the CRA:

The CRA seeks proposals from qualified archivists to establish a data management system that will allow the CRA to better preserve, manage and locate its paper and digital files. The selected archivist will establish a file naming convention and retention system in accordance with Massachusetts Public Records Law, and assist with the re-organization and digitization of documents. The Archivist should have an education in archival and records management, experience working with governmental, real estate or similar agencies, and an understanding of Massachusetts Public Records Law. Having a background in urban planning, geography, real estate, and/or Cambridge history is preferred.

The RFP is available in PDF format. Individuals or teams are encouraged to submit proposals.

UPDATE 3/22/2018: Questions + Answers & Consultant Services Agreement

Request for Proposals (RFP) - Transportation Data Reporting Services

Sealed proposals will be received at the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority, 8th Floor, 255 Main Street, Cambridge, MA 02142 until 4:00pm local time on Monday 3/26/2018. Proposals will be date and time stamped as they are received by CRA office staff, for furnishing the following to the CRA:

The CRA seeks proposals from appropriately qualified and experienced transportation planners and engineers with data visualization and mapping expertise to develop the next generation annual transportation data report for Kendall Square Urban Renewal Plan (KSURP) area. The CRA seeks to create a report that reflects the multi-modal goals of the City of Cambridge building off the 20-years of data reports generated by the CRA. The goals, outline of expected scope of services, and submission requirements are outlined herein.

Copies of this proposal are available online in PDF format by clicking this link. Teams are encouraged to submit a proposal if desired.

UPDATE 3/9/2018: Questions + Answers

UPDATE 3/16/2018: Questions + Answers

UPDATE 3/22/2018: Appendix F: (Blank Sample Contract)

EmPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY - Graduate Student Internship

The Cambridge Redevelopment Authority (CRA) is looking to fill an internship position to assist with the implementation of planning and redevelopment activities in and around Kendall Square, as well as strategic planning and economic development work throughout the City of Cambridge.  We are seeking a highly motivated, multi-disciplinary graduate student with experience and interest in any combination of the following areas:


·       Mixed Use Real Estate Development and Feasibility Analysis

·       Sustainable Infrastructure and Transportation Planning

·       Neighborhood Revitalization Programs

·       Community Engagement


About the CRA

The CRA was founded in 1956 to implement activities needed to redevelop underutilized, deteriorated or blighted open areas, to encourage new development, and to promote sound growth in Cambridge. The Cambridge Redevelopment Authority is committed to implementing imaginative, creative initiatives to achieve social equity and a balanced economic ecosystem.  We work in the public trust to bring a human dimension to development improving the quality of life for residents, businesses, employees, and visitors. Our goal is to balance economic vibrancy, housing, and open space to create sustainable communities through new and revitalized development. We are an independent, agile public authority bringing a unique set of redevelopment tools to work in close partnership with the City of Cambridge and other organizations.  The CRA’s strategic plan sets priorities for future urban revitalization programs and redevelopment activities both in and around Kendall Square and potentially citywide.  Please visit for more information.


About the Internship

Projects will be tailored to match student skills and interests with a wide range of redevelopment programmatic needs of the CRA.  Prospective interns should be creative problem solvers, strong writers, independently motivated, social media savvy, and familiar with Cambridge and the Boston region.  Familiarity with graphic design is a plus. This internship is a great opportunity to get exposed to planning and development in a small city setting, sit in on stakeholder meetings and network with professionals.  This is a paid internship or work-study opportunity for 35 hours per week in summer, or 10-12 hours per week in Fall semester.

Application deadline is March 16, 2018

Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter along with a sample of relevant work to:


Tom Evans, Executive Director, 255 Main Street, 8th Floor, Cambridge MA 02142