Cambridge Redevelopment Authority Strategic Plan

The goal of the strategic planning process was to create a clear framework for the role of the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority (CRA), now and into the future.  This process sought to align the organization within the context of the City of Cambridge, acknowledging the changing environment and the issues and opportunities that lie ahead.   Some of these contextual changes are physical, relating to land holdings and development opportunities both in Kendall Square and beyond, and others are organizational, such as the City’s evolving priorities and capacity.

CRA staff worked closely with the Board members and stakeholders throughout Cambridge to address the CRA’s role in relation to the City, the community, the private sector, federal and state agencies, and other institutions and non-profits.   

With a strategic vision in place, the CRA will be able to align its activities and interactions in relation to its context and to set priorities for the future.   With strong governance and a clear mission, the CRA can play a long-term leadership role, while also adapting and responding to any future changes in the context of economic development in the City of Cambridge.