Landscape Design On-Call Services Request for qualifications (RFQ)

The CRA seeks proposals from appropriately qualified and experienced landscape design consultants (Consultant) to provide landscape design and related services on an on-call, as needed basis for various CRA projects in the Kendall Square Urban Renewal Plan (KSURP) area or elsewhere in the City of Cambridge. The CRA intends to call upon the selected Consultant to provide services for any needed project or service within the Landscape Design scope described in Section 2.0 of the RFQ

The CRA received 14 responses by:

  • CBA Landscape Architects LLC
  • CRJA Landscape Architects
  • Crosby | Schlessinger | Smallridge LLC
  • Halvorson Design Partnership
  • KDMG Landscape Architecture
  • Landworks>Studio Inc.
  • Mikyoung Kim Design
  • OJB Landscape Architecture
  • Ray Dunetz Landscape Architecture
  • Richard Burck Associates Inc.
  • Sasaki
  • Stephen Stimson Associates Landscape Architects
  • Verdant Landscape Architecture
  • Weston & Sampson 

The CRA will interview the following 3 firms:

  • Crosby | Schlessinger | Smallridge LLC
  • Landworks>Studio Inc.
  • Mikyoung Kim Design